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Kansas USA Gymnastics Mission Statement

The mission of KS USA Gymnastics is to promote, educate and guide USA Gymnastics clubs in Kansas to the highest level of achievement and to provide useful information and services to clubs involved in all aspects of gymnastics instruction.  We strive to encourage education for gymnastics professionals of all levels and promote excellence with regard to the development of our athletes.

Kansas Judge’s Cup

The Kansas Judge’s Cup is an annual competition sponsored by the Kansas Judges Association. It is for all gymnasts Levels 3-10. The Judges volunteer their time and fees, and the money raised goes toward continuing Judges education and for sending a Level 7 All-Star Team to the National Judge’s Cup. The top six athletes from the KS Judge’s Cup in the All-Around, regardless of age group, represent team Kansas every year at the National Judge’s Cup. The location of the National Judge’s Cup changes every year.

Drop Back Date

Typically 6 weeks prior to the state meet

Sectional Meets

USA Gymnastics in Kansas does not have sectional meets. Athletes may qualify to the USA Gymnastics Kansas State Championships at any USA Gymnastics sanctioned competition.

KS State Championship Meet

Team score determination at state meet – top three per event – Entry fees at state meet: Levels 7-10 $90, Levels 4-6 $75, $2 discount per gymnast if registered for state meet before early bird deadline.  $5.00 per athlete from the entry fee goes to Region 3, $3.00 per athlete from the entry fee goes to KS USA Gymnastics.

Competition fees

$3.00 per athlete at all USA Gymnastics competitions must be sent and made payable to KS USA Gymnastics no later than 5 days after the conclusion of the competition.  Please mail to KS USA Gymnastics, 7703 Meadow View Drive, Shawnee, KS 66227.

KS USA Gymnastics State Qualifying Scores

Level Score
Level 3-5 30.00
Level 6-10 32.00
Level 9/10 Event Specialist 9.00 State; 9.3 Regionals
Xcel, All Around Compete in one sanctioned meet in the AA
Xcel, Specialist 8.0 on event

Regional and National Entry Fees

The KS USA Gymnastics SAC (State Administrative Committee) voted to pay the entry fee for each Kansas athlete who qualifies to Level 8,9,10 USA Gymnastics Region 3 Championships, each Kansas athlete who qualifies to Level 9 USA Gymnastics Western Nationals, and each Kansas athlete who qualifies to Level 10 USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Nationals whose club entered at least 50% of its optional athletes at the state optional workout.

State meet bids

2019 bids are due on or before Monday, March 12, 2018. The KS USA Gymnastics SAC will meet prior to the 2018 State Meet where the State Meet will be awarded.

Assigning judges

KS USAC is the official contracting organization we use to assign judges to USA Gymnastics meets in Kansas. If you need to get judges assigned for your meet, you must fill out a Request for Judges, submit it and $3.00 per judge requested to KS NAWGJ,

USAG Dress Code

Dress in appropriate attire that reflects the best image of gymnastics.

At State meets and above, the coaches’ dress code is as follows:

  • Athletic shoes with rubberized soles. Athletic warm-up pants or “Docker-syle” pants (No jeans).
  • Athletic or tailored shorts that are of a reasonable length. No holes, tears or short shorts.
  • Collared shirts, business casual shirts or T-shirts with gym logo. (No spaghetti straps, low-cut tops or midriff revealing shirts). No hats or visors.


Limitations on Activity, Unauthorized Use, and Distribution

For considerations of liability, participant safety, and overall event enjoyment, family members/coaches are permitted to photograph and/or video their participant only from the designated spectator seating areas so as to not interfere with nor disrupt (i) any portion of the event; (ii) event participants and their performance; (iii) the intended use of public areas; and/or (iv) the viewing ability of others. All photos and videos taken during the event must be for personal use only.

Unauthorized commercial use, sale, or third party distribution of photos and videos from this event is strictly prohibited without prior written consent from USA Gymnastics. Violators are subject to immediate removal from the event and potentially held liable for any damage, or perceived damage, associated with the violation.

Prohibited Equipment: No Monopod, No Tripod, No Telephoto Lens greater than 6 inches or 200mm. For the safety of the athletes, No Camera Flash is allowed during the event